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Free Fire CIS Solos

Free Fire CIS Solos

  • Dates: Apr 3 - May 23
  • Prize pool: More than $10,000

Free Fire CIS Solos is a tournament for the CIS in which single players will become participants. Qualifiers will be held in all CIS countries, and StarLadder will take on the technical part. Participants will fight for a prize pool of more than $10 000.

Free Fire CIS Solos will go through several stages, including the open qualifiers, the main qualifiers and the Grand Final. Everyone can take part in the tournament, citizens of the CIS countries over 14 years old.

Free Fire CIS Solos Phase Schedule:

  •  April 3-6 - registration
  •  April 11-19 - open qualifiers
  •  April 25 - May 17 - main qualifiers
  •  May 23 - CIS Grand Final


List of countries whose citizens can participate in the Free Fire CIS Solos tournament:

  •  Russia
  •  Ukraine
  •  Belarus
  •  Kazakhstan
  •  Georgia
  •  Kyrgyzstan
  •  Azerbaijan
  •  Armenia
  •  Moldova
  •  Tajikistan
  •  Uzbekistan
  •  Turkmenistan


Details of the Free Fire CIS Solos tournament, as well as tournament tables, can be found on our website.